Borrow with payment note – Price comparisons, information etc.

Here you can read a little quick and easy how it can be that you can borrow with payment note in some places when other lenders refuse to lend money to people who have payment notes.

If you are not interested in information but just want to find links to lenders that offer you to take out a loan with a payment note, the tip is that you look at the bottom of this page as you will find a number of links of that type.

Borrowing with Payment Note – What sets the lenders apart?


The big difference between lenders where you can borrow with a payment note and those where you can’t do this is their way of performing credit checks on the applicants.

A bank that does not agree to lend money to people who have payment notes has a system that automatically says no when they discover that the applicants have a payment note. It might be possible to get a loan from a lender of this type if you have a payment note, but in order to get it, you would need to meet with a bank official and convince him that you can pay back the loan. A process that is time-consuming and has absolutely no guarantees at all to succeed.

A bank that lends to people with a payment note does a different type of credit check instead. They weigh the entire economy of the applicant. This means that you get a plus for salary, capital and other things that show a strong economy. Minus is for example for debts and payment remarks. If the grade is good enough, the application to borrow with a payment note will be approved.

Borrowing with Payment Note – Why Take the Risk?

Borrowing with Payment Note - Why Take the Risk?

Since it has a negative impact on the grade with a payment note, one might ask why there are lenders who want to lend with payment note. The answer to that question is actually quite simple.

There are numbers that say that several hundred thousand Swedish have payment notes. After all, since a note of payment goes on for three years, no matter what the economy is for the person, there are many people who have comments that do not have a bad economy at all. Perhaps you have accidentally made an unnecessary note because of a very small debt or you have long ago straightened out your financial worries and now have a good economy.

These are the people the banks have chosen to target. Simply those who have a note of payment and would like to borrow and at the same time have a private economy that can pay back the loan. A payment note does not necessarily mean that you have a bad economy right now.