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Keeping track of your medical history can seem overwhelming. Especially for those dealing with complicated conditions or a number of different conditions, keeping records of all of your doctor’s appointments, conversations, tests, lab results, and other procedures can seem like a lot of work. But the benefits of keeping such a record of your medical history far outweigh the work involved.

The US healthcare system is not necessarily coordinated between different pharmacies and doctor’s offices or between different healthcare networks and providers. Having a centralized repository of all your healthcare information can go a long way in reducing your stress of operating within the healthcare system, and it can help your providers give you better care than you could not receive otherwise. The same can be said for all of your family members, especially children and the elderly, who may not be able to keep track of their own medical history.

Guava Health has compiled a list of 10 benefits of tracking your medical history, drawing on public health sources and recommendations from doctors and patient advocates. Keep reading to understand why you might want to start tracking your medical history and how it can benefit you and all of your family members.


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