10 Best Cartoon Monsters, Ranked


One of the best parts of good superhero comics is the many creative and imaginative villains that have been introduced over the decades at Marvel and DC. Many big and gruesome monsters are among them, some of which have been at the center of the best stories of the big two. Not only do monsters have appeal across genres, but they’re also a great way for writers and artists to paint a story in people’s imaginations.

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Monsters in the comics aren’t just limited to villains, and many of the big two’s best monsters are actually heroes. For example, the tastes of Swamp Thing and man-thinghave some of the most gripping stories in the comics, including their roster of monsters, a long line of excellent series, and some of the most unique character designs. In comics, a monster can either terrify the reader or tug at their heartstrings.

ten Chemo is a very unique and dangerous monster

First appeared in Showcase #39, Chemo is a villain first introduced in the Silver Age. The monster is the product of a scientist’s radioactive chemical waste, which attained sentience, came to life, and is now contained in a plastic case. Chemo has worked with the likes of the Brotherhood of Evil and the Secret Society of Super Villains.

Although now a lesser-known villain, he was a Silver Age threat to even Superman. His chemical powers give him the ability to become a weapon of mass destruction, and with his massive size and dangerous form, he is one of DC’s most dangerous monsters.

9 Killer Croc is one of Batman’s most powerful villains

Killer Croc, also known as Waylon Jones, is a man who suffers from a rare biological genetic disease that gives him the appearance of a crocodile. His life was left in ruins after the transformation, and Jones turned to a life of crime on the streets – and in the sewers – of Gotham City.

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The character is one of Batman’s toughest and strongest enemies, but he has several backstories that put him in a more sympathetic light due to his condition. He played key roles in the likes of batman the animated series, knight fall, and suicide squad stories. As a result, he’s one of DC’s most intimidating villains.

8 Etrigan is a rhyming demon in the body of an Arthurian knight

Jack Kirby’s demonic creation, Etrigan, is a demon in the body of Jason Blood, a knight from the time of King Arthur and Merlin. Although usually seen in a heroic light, Etrigan is known for playing both sides of the DC Universe, including a story where he hired Lobo to help end the world.

Etrigan has been one of Kirby’s most intriguing creations since his time at DC, and he continues to be an entertaining character in the universe. His strained relationship with characters like John Constantine served up entertaining moments in both comics and animation.

seven Damage Is DC’s Answer To The Incredible Hulk

When DC Dark Night Metal The event started with great success in 2017, it has turned into an onslaught of new titles featuring new teams and new heroes. One of them was Damage by Ethan Avery, written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki and Aaron Lopresti.

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The character was largely DC’s answer to Marvel’s Hulk. He presented himself as a monster trapped in the body of a man fleeing from the American army. Although Damage is very similar to the Hulk, he can only appear for an hour a day, and rather than being a member of a team of superheroes, he is instead chased by them.

6 Starro is the classic villain who first united the Justice League

The supervillainous alien starfish known as Starro first appeared in DC’s Brave and the Bold #28, written by Gardner Fox with pencils by Mike Sekowsky. It was also the start of the first formation of the Justice League of America. When Starro arrived, he scattered his small starfish spores to mind control the people of Earth.

The villain has been a constant threat in the DC Universe, both in the comics and in the DCEU – the latter seeing him as James Gunn’s monster. The Suicide Squad. Starro’s ability to capture an entire population makes him one of DC’s toughest villains to beat in a fight, which is due to his army of drones.

5 Solomon Grundy is a gangster turned giant zombie

Solomon Grundy began his existence as a mobster known as Cyrus Gold. The gangster, obsessed with wealth, was killed and his body was thrown into a magical swamp where he was brought back to life. After that, he became a terrifying monster through the ages.

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A Golden Age Green Lantern villain, Grundy is one of the oldest monsters in comics and may have served as the inspiration for the original gray design of the Incredible Hulk. His zombie personality has oscillated between being a mean monster and a more passive creature that only uses violence when he feels threatened.

4 Gorilla Grodd is one of DC’s most menacing villains

The gorillas’ super-intelligent brain, Grodd, is aided by telepathic powers. He’s one of DC’s most powerful villains and perhaps the best member of Flash’s rogues gallery. As a gorilla supremacist who seeks to remake the world in his own image, he wants himself and his fellow apes to be the new rulers.

Hailing from Gorilla City, a secret, hidden city populated by intelligent apes in Africa, Gorilla Grodd is one of DC’s most ambitious supervillains. His massive build, telepathic powers, and goals of world domination make Grodd a monster to be reckoned with.

3 Man-Thing is Marvel’s Guardian of the Link of Realities

Ted Sallis, also known as Man-Thing, shares a similar origin story with DC’s Swamp Thing. After working on a secret formula, Sallis was attacked in a swamp where his formula merged his biology with the environment. After the attack, he became the Man-Thing and began traversing mystical realms.

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As much as Swamp Thing evolved into a protector role, Man-Thing also became the guardian of Marvel’s Nexus of Realities. And just as Swamp Thing had an iconic run from Alan Moore, Man-Thing had its own cult classic creator under comic book legend Steve Gerber.

2 Swamp Thing has one of the most compelling sagas in comic book history

Thanks to the works of Len Wein, Nancy Collins, and most importantly, Alan Moore, Swamp Thing has one of the greatest stories in all of comics. Beginning life as Alec Holland, he merged with the plant life of a Louisiana swamp and returned as the hulking, mossy creature Swamp Thing.

After a mystical and monstrous history, Swamp Thing has since been accused of protecting green: a natural elemental part of the DC Universe. Although an occasional member of the Justice League Dark team, Swamp Thing’s primary responsibility is keeping The Green safe.

1 The Incredible Hulk has mastered the Monster comic book formula

Bruce Banner’s Hulk was a creation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and the character defined what it meant to be a comic book monster for decades. Bruce strove to avoid the destruction wrought by the Hulk, and his often harrowing journey across America in his early issues saw the afflicted scientist trying to tame the monster within.

With a legendary series helmed by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Len Wein and Peter David, as well as a live-action TV show, the hero has been a staple of comic book culture for decades. The hero has also seen some great cross-medium stories in projects like world war hulk and Thor Ragnarok.

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