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Aaron Rodgers has become known for his unconventional approach to healing and recovery.

On the last episode of The Joe Rogan Experiencethe star quarterback for the Green Bay Packers has opened up about how past experiences made him not rely on prescribed painkillers and instead seek out natural healing methods.

“I just don’t understand why there aren’t more researched natural options that have research behind them, and we keep pushing the same, you know Percocet, Vicodin, [Oxycodone] if you’re in pain,” Rodgers said. “I saw one of my teammates at one point who couldn’t get treated in a post-surgery operation without being put under anesthesia due to ‘an dependence on painkillers.’

Rodgers went on to say that he had seen former teammates struggle with drug addiction for some time.

“I know several teammates over the years — I’m talking high school, college and pro — who have dealt with their own setbacks around painkiller addiction,” Rodgers added.

During the long podcast discussion, Rodgers also criticized the NFL for how “easily accessible” painkillers were and even said he played a game while on Percocet. He said his use of the pain medication was “more for pain management, so I wasn’t on a high dose, but stupid, eventually.”

In 2018, Rodgers was examined for his behavior in a post-match interview after returning from what appeared to be a serious knee injury suffered before half-time. He denied at the time that his body language seemed “off” during this instance because he was taking painkillers.

Earlier this month, Rodgers opened up about his experiences using the hallucinogenic drink ayahuasca this offseason and once before in 2020. He told NBC Sports’ Peter King that “a lot of healing has happened” and described it as a life-changing experience. The NFL said it did not violate the league’s drug policy for its use of ayahuasca, which is defined as “a psychoactive beverage originating in South America and often used for religious, ceremonial or medicinal”.

Rodgers and the Packers will open the 2022 season on September 11 against the Minnesota Vikings.


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