Agemaspark Wins Engineering and Digital Technology Award


Agemaspark, based in Doncaster, has won the Made in Yorkshire Awards 2022.

The prestigious event saw products and innovations from across the region recognized at a ceremony that marked the 10and awards anniversary.

Agemaspark won the Digital Engineering/Technology Award for its innovative work using 3D printing to develop a new technique to improve mold tool efficiency by up to 20% and reduce tool cycle times multi-cavity molding.

Paul Stockhill, Managing Director of Agemaspark, said: “We are delighted to be named winners of this regional manufacturing award.

“Our pioneering new metal 3D printing technique is now being put into practice, which has dramatically reduced cycle times for multi-cavity molding tools.

“Innovation is at the heart of our business, and we recognize the issues businesses face and the need for them to reduce their environmental impact while increasing their efficiency and productivity. We can only achieve this by developing new, more efficient ways of working.

“It was a great and wonderful event to see so many innovative and inspiring businesses from our region celebrating together.”

Agemaspark is working with companies in Yorkshire and the UK using the new technique to produce components and help customers comply with new EU regulations.

Benefits from experimenting with Agemaspark’s molding tools show that they save companies time and money, as well as reduce environmental impact.

Mr Stockhill added: “Being recognized for our innovative approach will be a real boost for the team and will help us introduce this improved way of working to clients from many different industries.”



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