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Aston University is set to co-host the eighth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD8).

TICAD8 is the eighth event of TICAD, initiated by Japan in 1932. The conference brings together international organizations and business representatives from African countries and Japan to promote the digitalization of African nations to keep pace with other leading economies.

Cybersecurity and data privacy will be two of the main topics of discussion, along with central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). The CBDC is a government-issued fiat currency, that is, a currency not backed by a commodity such as gold. Using an ideal CBDC will eliminate over 100,000 armored cars carrying cash for ATMs all over the world. This will reduce CO² emissions enormously, making the world a better place. The transition to fiat currency requires the highest level of cybersecurity.

Koji Fusa, CEO of GVE Ltd – one of the fastest growing fintech unicorns based in Japan – and Visiting Professor at the Cyber ​​Security Innovation (CSI) Center at Aston Business School, said:

“It is wonderful that Aston University is co-hosting such an important event and I look forward to seeing how the University can contribute to such an important issue.

“The work carried out at the University’s CSI Center will be crucial in promoting best practices in cybersecurity and data privacy in the context of digitization.

“ISO/IEC 24643, Real-Time Distributed Access System Architecture, is also very important to ensure interoperability between different sophisticated systems for a 24/7 online world.

“This is particularly important in terms of health care, which requires nations to spend the highest budget for the future. The event will focus on all of this, and guests will be able to ask questions of the participating experts.

Professor George Feiger, Executive Dean of Aston University’s College of Business and Social Sciences, will speak at the conference and said:

“It will be an honor to speak at this hugely important event on behalf of Aston University.

“The University produces very important research in the field of cybersecurity, having recently helped launch the UK government’s National Cyber ​​Strategy 2022 in Birmingham last year, promoting diversity in the sector and improving the skills of the British workforce.

“This is an opportunity to show the world how the University’s CSI Center is working to make the world a safer place for everyone online.”

The director of the CSI Centre, Professor Vladlena Benson, said:

“The CSI Center conducts internationally recognized research.

“Fintech and healthcare are two vital sectors for the UK economy and global stability.

“The significant portfolio of research and consulting in these areas supports the goals of the National Cyber ​​Strategy.

“We are delighted to co-host TICAD8 this year.”


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