Better Medicine’s Troy Shelton to be featured on Close Up Radio


BILLINGS, MONTANA, USA, September 20, 2021 / – The human body is made up of the mind, body and spirit. All three must be in working order for optimal well-being and for energy to flow freely.

Troy Shelton is a passionate healer with an alternative approach to treatment.

She is the founder of Better Medicine Better Life, a holistic practice that offers functional medicine, emotional code and body code, occupational therapy and certified hand therapy, bioresonance testing, and stem cell technologies.

“It’s a holistic practice: if someone has a health problem, I can find a way to help them,” Troy says.

Troy’s background in occupational therapy, hand therapy, and psychology paved the way for her to launch Better Medicine Better Life after being disappointed with the Western medical model.

“I wanted to learn how to treat my clients much more thoroughly,” says Troy. “I wanted to help them find the root cause of their problems and empower them to heal. “

Today, Troy’s customers include everyone from children with anxiety and ADHD to those with chronic back pain, autoimmune symptoms and allergies, PTSD and even cancer patients. . She helps her clients overcome these challenges in the most effective and transformative way possible to experience optimal health and well-being.

“By the time they talk to me, they’re often in crisis and struggling, so they’re more open to energy work,” says Troy. “Once I understand what their goals are, what they struggle with and what their story is, I can begin to empower them for their own healing. “

Through his practice, Troy works to release trapped energy and promote well-being. She uses the emotional code and the body code to clear energy blockages and open her clients to self-healing, abundance and clarity.

Still, Troy says his ultimate desire is to help people heal, no matter how.

“I’ve always had the gift of empowering people to heal themselves,” says Troy. “They are responsible for their own health, but I can be a vector of healing and empower them to overcome their challenges. It’s amazing to help people make this transformation. I have been able to transform lives that no one thought possible.

Close Up Radio to feature Troy Shelton in an interview with Jim Masters on September 22 at 1 p.m. EDT

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