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On Thursday, President Muhammadu Buhari traveled to Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, to commission some projects in the state.
It is instructive to note that since Buhari took office in 2015, Borno was one of his favorite places to visit because he still feels at home in the state.
On Thursday, the president’s plane landed at Maiduguri air base just before noon.

Remarkably, from the airport to the various places he visited to commission projects, it was filled with residents chanting Sai Baba. If you think the president’s popularity has waned, you’ve got another idea coming up. For the people of Borno, President Buhari could do no wrong.
The first port of call was the commissioning of the Oriental Energies Resource Ltd Hanger airport.
During a courtesy visit to the palace of the Shehu of Borno, Dr Abubakar Ibn Umar Garbai El Kanemi, the president said that greater cooperation among the elites of the country, with a commitment to inform people about the realities and to mobilize for development, will help to solve the challenges. facing the nation.
The president said elites owe it to the people to inform, guide and shape opinions because they have more access and knowledge about the economy.
“What our country needs now is the continued cooperation of the elites. They know the nation’s problem.
“It’s good that they educate the less informed about the realities,” he said.

In his remarks, the Shehu of Borno, said the state had started to experience a new lease of peace, with many people returning to their farms and businesses.
According to the royal father, the state has also benefited from many infrastructural developments since 2015, thanking President Buhari for taking a special interest in the people of the state.

Likewise, President Buhari also commissioned Tijjani Bolori Memorial High School and Borno State’s first flyby, Custom Roundabout (3.5km) with a 10km stretch of Gamboru Ngala Road built by the government of the state.
The president also commissioned the Muhammadu Indimi distance learning center and an international conference center donated to Maiduguri University by business tycoon Alhaji Muhammadu Indimi.

The president, after commissioning at Maiduguri University, said his administration would continue to do its best for the development of the country until May 2023, reiterating that he would hand over the baton as stipulated by the Constitution.
The President said, “I know I have sworn by the Constitution and will be leaving in 17 months. I pray that the person who succeeds us will also follow the objectives of securing the country and building the economy.

“Without securing the country, you cannot grow the economy.”
Regarding security in the North West, he said it was sad that people who had lived together, sharing the same culture and long outlook, began to rob, kidnap and kill each other.

The president said the military would attack the northwest hard to stabilize the situation, after procuring more equipment.
“I am very impressed with what I saw at this state-of-the-art distance learning center and auditorium located here, Maiduguri University. I am told that this international conference hall has 1,300 seats. The high level of quality of this building is a major contribution of Alhaji Muhammadu Indimi. This intervention will not only benefit students from Borno and the North East, but also students from all parts of Nigeria.
“For the Oriental Energy Resources Hangar that I have ordered, it will host and offer support services to planes and pilots involved in humanitarian air services,” the president noted.
President Buhari also congratulated Professor Babagana Zulum, Governor of Borno, for the work he had accomplished in two years, noting that he was in the state at the beginning of June to commission development projects.
In his remarks, Governor Zulum thanked the president for honoring the state, adding that Alhaji Indimi’s contributions to the state’s development showed he loved his people.

“Words cannot express our gratitude for political sense,” he said.
Governor Zulum said the state recognized Alhaji Indimi’s contributions by renaming the Damboa Road in his honor, now Alhajji Muhammadu Indimi Road.
In his remarks, Alhaji Indimi said he was motivated to build the Distance Learning Center and the International Conference Center to encourage education in the state.

“I think the center will help provide training and skills as well as encourage those who will take courses in remote locations,” he said.
University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Aliyu Shugaba thanked President Buhari for honoring the invitation and Alhaji Indimi for his contribution.
Likewise, just before the president left Maiduguri, he addressed Operation Hadin Kai troops at the air base.
He urged Operation Hadin Kai troops to stand firm as they enter the final stages of the campaign against insurgency and other forms of crime.
He said the entire nation remains grateful for the bravery deployed to ensure the gradual return of peace to the northeast, while expressing condolences to the families who have lost loved ones and to those injured.

“I also urge you to stay focused to achieve our strategic goal which is the defeat of all adversaries and the restoration of an economically viable geopolitical zone of the northeast and other parts of the country where Nigerians are free to go about their business. their activities without fear or harassment, ”he said.
President Buhari assured the families of the soldiers who paid the ultimate price for the nation and the wounded that the federal government will meet their needs, recognizing their sacrifices for all Nigerians.

While noting the threats posed by criminals through the use of improvised explosive devices, he said that substantial resources have also been devoted to the purchase of equipment for the disposal of explosives and ordnance.

Similar attention is being paid to intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance assets, according to President Buhari.
“These measurements and the platforms received would grant you the reach, firepower, and protection necessary to project force through theater and bring combat to a logical and successful end.”

President Buhari told troops that at the start of the administration he stressed the need to rejuvenate the Multinational Joint Force, which recognizes the fluid and transnational nature of current threats and their propensity to hibernate in countries neighbors.

“I therefore urge you to continue to strengthen your cooperation with the armies of other countries under the auspices of the Multinational Joint Force in order to further optimize mutual gains for our respective national security.
“As we intensify military efforts, our administration has remained aware of the effectiveness of employing other lines of effort in our drive to ensure the return of lasting peace to the Northeast region.

“The Northeast Development Commission continues to take giant steps to improve the economic and social well-being of Nigerians in the region.
“I am also pleased with the increased level of cooperation between the right people in Borno State, other stakeholders and security agencies. I urge you to continue to cooperate with other security agencies to ensure a full return to normalcy. “
He assured that the administration would continue to work with all well-meaning stakeholders including friendly nations, civil society organizations as well as other credible non-governmental organizations to bring peace to all troubled areas of the country. .

President Buhari expressed his deep gratitude to the Borno State government for its continued cooperation with the federal government in multiple areas.
Adding: “This has been essential in continuing our mutual efforts to restore peace to the state. “
I particularly congratulate Your Excellency, Governor Babagana Umara Zulum, for your tireless commitment and your precious collaboration with my administration for the general good of the people of Borno. Yours is a good example of the inherent benefits that flow from consciously positive interaction between the federal government and the states.

He also congratulated the Minister of Defense as well as the Chief of the Defense Staff, department heads and heads of all other security agencies for forging a common front of collaboration and cooperation that continues to grow. ” improve operations.

It was gratifying to watch some of these examples of collaboration at the research and development exhibit at the recent Army Chiefs of Staff Annual Conference and the launch of the locally built defense vessel Seaward. at the shipyard.

“I urge you all to stay the course to ensure that we become self-sufficient in the production of our defense equipment in the near future.

“To my dear troops, as Commander-in-Chief, I am aware of your selfless sacrifices which in some cases have resulted in the payment of the supreme price. The nation owes you a debt of gratitude for your commitment, dedication and unwavering loyalty to the Constitution of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“Our government will continue to work with your respective leaders to ensure that your well-being receives priority attention and that our wounded comrades receive the best possible medical care,” assured the president.

The president said manpower issues that have limited the rotation of some units in the theater will be addressed through concerted efforts to increase recruitment and ensure that the remaining units due to rotation are relieved as soon as possible.


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