Childhood friends find civil engineering a natural career at Davis & Floyd


Wiley Roper, EIT, and JC Hollingsworth, EIT, of Davis & Floyd grew up together in the quiet and scenic neighborhoods of Greenwood, South Carolina. They were in the same playgroup as the toddlers and later attended school together at Merrywood Elementary School and Greenwood High School. Throughout their childhood, they rode bikes together through the streets of Greenwood, played in their neighborhood creeks and creeks, and built forts together in the woods.

Having formed a bond over their shared love of construction and the outdoors as children, Roper and Hollingsworth found a natural career in the field of civil engineering as adults. They both now work in the Davis & Floyd office in Charleston, just a few desks apart, continuing to give back to the communities that raised them. Together, they collaborate on civil site improvement and drainage projects to design sustainable and resilient infrastructure throughout the Southeast.

As a large company serving multiple markets in the Southeast, Davis & Floyd executives are often asked why the company chose to maintain its headquarters in the small town of Greenwood, South Carolina. “We believe our business is at its best when it is imbued with a shared commitment to the communities that raised us. As an employer and as a company, we are building community,” said Stephen Davis, CEO of Davis & Floyd.

JC Hollingsworth echoed that sentiment, noting that “Davis & Floyd is a great place to work; we do interesting work on large-scale projects like a big company, but we have the intimate, small-town vibe of a small company. There are many stories of friendships between Davis and Floyd like Wiley’s and mine, dating back almost 70 years during the life of our company.

Wiley Roper added: “I am very lucky to be able to work with one of my best and oldest friends. Davis & Floyd has been great in allowing me to keep my connection to home while living and working across the state. There is a great family atmosphere here and in the multiple offices.


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