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The Commonwealth Legal Education Association (CLEA) celebrates fifty years of existence and is pleased to announce the CLEA Golden Jubilee International Conference, 2023 on “Augmenting Legal Education through Technology: Issues and Challenges” to be done between 2n/a at 4e March 2023. It aims to focus on global developments, issues and challenges in legal education by providing a starting point to initiate general discussions about the role of technology in improving legal education.

In this context, the philosophy of current professional legal education demands reflection and a sense of shared social responsibility in the equitable dissemination and access to legal education, for which technology plays a crucial role. This requires focusing on using technology not just as a pedagogy to teach and provide information, but rather as an effective instrument for knowledge dissemination and social development.

Conference highlights include the

1). CLEA General Conference open to a) Law professors b) Judges c) Lawyers d) Administrators/professionals e) Education advisers and f) Education policy makers and

2). CLEA International Student’s Conference, 2023 aimed at promoting research activities among law students and providing an excellent opportunity to present their views

3). Pre-conference workshops on: i) Law of the Street, ii) Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering and iii) Comparative Constitution and Public Law

4). First Lecture by Professor NR Madhava Menon

5). Commemorating over 50 years of teaching law by Professor David McQuoid-Mason

6). Award Ceremony of the International Prize for Legal Education and

seven). Optional Tour – Agra/Jaipur – March 5, 2023

The theme of the conference is “IMPROVING LEGAL TRAINING THROUGH TECHNOLOGY: DEVELOPMENT, ISSUES AND CHALLENGES”. Discussions would focus on the following sub-themes. Other relevant topics relating to legal education and legal education developments in general around the world and common heritage universities and law schools in particular may also be encouraged for discussion:

Conference sub-themes:

  • Redefining legal education in light of technological advances
  • Virtual learning, data considerations, electronic resources and digital gaps
  • Impact of AI and machine learning on legal education
  • Synchronous, Asynchronous or Mixed – A Better Way Forward
  • Digital platforms, pedagogical approaches, tools and infrastructure in legal education
  • Role of technology in the education of people with disabilities
  • E-learning for the promotion of equality and diversity
  • Mainstreaming gender in digital legal education
  • Online Legal Education for Sustainability and Transforming the Future of Law Schools and Legal Education
  • Mental Health and Behavior Change in the Virtual Training Ecosystem
  • E – Courses, virtual legal aid clinics, virtual legal internships vis-à-vis physical courts
  • Copyright and Fair Use Issues in Online Education
  • Corruption, money laundering and other transnational crimes

In addition, those interested in presenting papers are requested to send abstracts of their research papers to the organizing committee, no later than December 20, 2022.
Acceptance of abstracts will be confirmed no later than December 24, 2022 and the final document will be submitted no later than January 31, 2023.

You are hereby required to participate in the “CLEA GOLDEN JUBILEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, 2023” on Improving Legal Education Through Technology: Issues and Challenges – March 2 to 4, 2023 ‐ Conference & March 5, 2023 ‐ Optional visit: Agra/Jaipur.

Please feel free to send your questions on the email id provided below in case you need any further clarification.

Communication address: Email ID: [email protected]

General Conference Email ID: [email protected].

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