Don’t you trust Big Pharma or Western medicine? To get vaccinated.



This is a love letter to my beloved community from a primary care physician in the hospital’s COVID wards who also happens to be a musician.

Your worries.

My answers.

I am a community activist. I love and work for my community. We take care of ourselves.

Then, in addition to all the love and mutual aid that you give in your community, GET YOURSELF VACCINATED, so that you don’t become an unintentional spreader of disease. It’s an important way to love your community right now. Almost all hospitalizations and deaths right now are from unvaccinated people.

I’m a radical anti-Big Pharma, Take-Down-the-Man organizer and getting a vaccine is like giving up.

GET YOURSELF VACCINATED so you don’t have to die of what is now preventable death and get back to work to take down Man and organize against Big Pharma. Organize to OPEN PATENTS for the vaccine, as our communities in the South are still dying and want unlimited access so they can stop dying. Dying from COVID is ugly and not fun. #PeopleVaccine

You are just a tool of Western medicine.

Nope. I was brought up in Ayurveda and Western medicine; I benefit, practice and am supported by many types of medicine. I use science as it serves and leave it where it isn’t. I got the vaccine so I wouldn’t pass it on to YOU ​​when you or your family fell ill and ended up in hospital where I would have the pleasure of taking care of you. I got vaccinated to protect people in my community who cannot be vaccinated because I am a community health worker. And I am here to serve.

But there is an electronic chip.


But he will reprogram my DNA.

Nope. It won’t do either. It’s mRNA, which your immune system will break down within two weeks. TO GET VACCINATED.

But can’t I just take this horse dewormer medicine and call it a day?

NO. Ivermectin is dangerous and people present with poisoning at this time. Worse, it delays the arrival to care and we find that with COVID, the sooner you will be taken care of, the less likely you will be to develop severe COVID.

But Man is trying to control us.

YES, by disinformation. Don’t buy it. If you come from an oppressed community, GET VACCINATED because this virus triggers an inflammatory reaction that is even more serious the more your community is oppressed. Besides the important things you can do together to build community immunity by organizing, helping each other and taking control of food / medicine / shelter, you can also GET YOURSELF VACCINATED so that no one must die while you work to build a better future.

But Western medicine has failed us and I don’t trust it.

YES, it did and it continues because it must be decolonized. There are people inside and out working on this, and we want to make sure you don’t fall down while we continue the collective work. So please GET YOURSELF VACCINATED.

But I love herbal remedies and I can support my immunity.

YES, support your immunity with herbal medicines AND collect the information to see what naive immune systems are doing in the face of this virus. Strengthen your health and immunity. And GET YOURSELF VACCINATED.

Vaccines are just the science of the colonizer.

Nope. My ancestors developed a prototype in 1000 BC with the deliberate infection of a small amount of smallpox to induce immunity. Our people were very smart. Our sciences have been co-opted. Do not allow yourself to die or weaken by the virus while being misinformed about the origin of these techniques.

Our Black, Brown and Indigenous community health workers are here to guide you through this. We love you. We got you. But we can’t help you when you’re in the intensive care unit preparing to bite the tube. So please GET YOURSELF VACCINATED.

Dr. Rupa Marya is a hospital doctor at UCSF, conductor of Rupa and the April Fishes, and author, with Raj Patel, of the new book Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice.



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