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Hyderabad, April 2022: Apollo Hospitals and Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM), UK held a certification ceremony for doctors who have completed their 1 year and 3 year training in emergency medicine in various hospitals in India.

MBBS Doctors working full time in Emergency Departments at Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Navi Mumbai undergo a year-long highly supervised clinical and academic training known as Emergency Medicine Foundation Program (EMFP). EMFP trainees and their supervisors are able to register and validate skills and competencies on the online NHS portfolio under RCEM supervision. This portfolio remains a permanent training record.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Katherine Henderson said: it is wonderful to see such inspiring and committed support from Apollo Hospitals, for your career and the success of emergency medicine. This is my first international trip since the pandemic hit the world. It is a program that we are very proud of, it is a very, very special program, it gives you clinical and professional skills, which allows you to provide effective care in emergency situations in your health systems, which is incredibly powerful, transforming you into being better doctors and delivering superior care. A structured training program like this gets the most out of you. During the pandemic, this was a huge challenge for emergency personnel around the world and we all rose to this challenge in an incredible way. In emergency medicine we are racing against time, we have to move on to the next patient, even if we don’t have all the information we need to make decisions, we are really inhibited but are happy to adapt new technology to ensure the best care for our patients. Congratulations on choosing a career in emergency medicine, continue to have the fire to do better for our patients.

Dr. Sangita Reddy said: this is a very special opportunity to take another step towards a safer country and world. You have dedicated your life to the service of humanity by becoming physicians and have gone a step further by choosing emergency medicine as your profession, for it is indeed the gateway, the critical differentiator and a field quite important. Let me reiterate that we will spare no effort to provide the best care in every specialty and to improve emergency care. Emergency medicine is not just a specialty, but it is an essential methodology by which you enable so many other specialties to save lives by keeping the patient alive until specialist care is provided. , so I congratulate you, of course, for the work you have done during Covid , of course for your dedication to medicine and emergency care and I congratulate you in advance for all the lives you will save at the future, because touching lives is the greatest opportunity to serve humanity. There’s a lot more to do, nationally, we need to set up emergency rooms on the highways, we need to practice getting the right protocols in place so drones can deliver lifesaving drugs, defibrillators on the shipyard, to have our emergency systems in place, have to improve our training so that our line is much more powerful. We need to find ways to bring higher standards of care and use the power of technology, artificial intelligence to send messages to the workplace, to the point of care. We need to connect our emergency rooms to district nursing homes, so that one council can make the difference between life and death. 68 doctors received their EMFP certification, 26 received their MRCEM and 2 doctors received their RCEM Fellowship. Dr Katherine Henderson, Chair of RCEM UK, Dr K Sangita Reddy, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Apollo Hospitals Group and Dr K Hari Prasad, President – Apollo Group Hospitals presented the certificates to the successful doctors.


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