Emirates News Agency – IAEA’s ICARST-2022 to discuss advanced trends in radiation science and technology


GENEVA, 20th August, 2022 (WAM) — The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is organizing the Second International Conference on Applications of Radiation Science and Technology (ICARST-2022) from 22nd to 26th August 2022 , in Vienna, Austria, following the success of the first ICARST in 2017 (ICARST-2017).

Since the discovery of X-rays and radioactivity more than 100 years ago, various ways of artificially producing radiation and radioactive materials have been discovered. Studies of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials have led to dramatic advances in radiation science and technology, and they are used for a wide range of procedures in industry, agriculture, and research. Radiation technologies have been promoted for their ability to meet important human needs, such as improving production and industrial processes; better manage scarce freshwater resources; improve human health and food security; preserve cultural heritage; and protect our environment.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), working closely with its Member States as well as with professional scientific bodies and industry, has endeavored to maximize the contribution of radiation science and technology to the achievement of Member States’ development priorities in a safe manner.

The second ICARST-2022 will provide a unique opportunity to review key developments in the applications of radiation science and technology as well as the “state of the science” in this field; national, regional and global initiatives to implement proven industrial applications that lead to socio-economic benefits and enhance capacity building in Member States; and serve as a composite platform through which industry and academia can foster new initiatives to ensure the success of radiation technologies by addressing emerging challenges in various fields.

A series of plenary sessions will address the following topical areas: Advanced radiation chemistry and trends in radiation science and technology Emerging roles of radiation science and technology in environmental monitoring and protection Radiation and nuclear technology for the characterization, imaging and preservation of cultural heritage Radiation technologies in tissue banking and tissue engineering Education and training in radiation science and technology Success stories in radiation science and technology in support of achievement of the UN SDGs.

The conference program will include guest speakers from academia and industry, who will make oral presentations and participate in panel discussions. In addition, poster sessions will be organized to allow sufficient time for discussions and interaction between participants. Finally, a closing roundtable will review the main conclusions drawn from the plenary sessions and summarize recommendations for the future development of radiation science and technology.

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