Engineering links to drive growth, address challenges


The international event was launched by UNESCO in 2019 to celebrate engineers and engineering for their contribution to sustainable development and modern life.

This year’s theme is “Build Back Wiser — Engineering the Future”. It will feature a 24-hour global live broadcast, showcasing the uniqueness and achievements of engineers around the world, according to the event’s official website.

pale gangpresident of the China Association for Science and Technology, said during China live-streamed event that China’s engineering community will take this opportunity to unite engineers around the world and bring into play the key role that engineering and technology can play in promoting global sustainable development.

Training quality engineers and initiating major international scientific and technical projects to manage climate change and public health are also key goals of the global engineering community, he added.

the beijing The 2022 Winter Olympics showcased cutting-edge engineering technologies, from artificial intelligence to hydrogen transportation. These have contributed to the successful and environmentally friendly holding of the Olympics, Wang said, adding that the event can provide valuable information for achieving sustainable development in the world.

Gong Ke, president of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, said engineering is the practice of solving problems related to the survival and development of mankind with science and management.

“Engineering technologies are the wings that allow mankind to realize their dreams and soar into a bright and beautiful future,” Gong said. This year, China will have more than 10 million university graduates, with a high rate of engineering graduates, he said.

This pool of engineers can support China high-quality growth and make an essential contribution to global sustainable development. It can also help build a community with a shared future for humanity, he said.

Huang WeiPresident of the Federation of Engineering Schools of Asia and the Pacific, said engineers can use their work to serve the economy, society and solve global problems such as climate change, energy crisis and environmental pollution.

This will require engineers around the world to be more open and collaborative, facilitating new innovations and solutions to these problems, he said.

Yan Jinxiu, president of the International Association of Tunnels and Underground Space, said tunnels and underground engineering can contribute to several sustainable development goals, such as making cities safer and more inclusive, sustainable and resilient during and after natural disasters.

“More and more women engineers are playing a significant role in male-dominated fields, such as tunnel engineering,” she said. “I hope more women can become engineers and together contribute to the global development of engineering.”



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