Examine the world around you with this Wi-Fi enabled microscope at 20% off


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Unless you’re studying biology in college, the last time you work and play with a microscope is usually in the middle of your high school career.

With the WiFi Digital Microscope, currently 20% off for $55.95, you can explore miniature sections of the world around you in a whole new way. Magnify your subject, whether it’s an insect, the pattern on your table, or a piece of jewelry, between 50 and 1,000 times your usual viewing scale.

The microscope features eight LED lights, all of which can be set to different levels of brightness, so you can enhance whatever you want to examine.

In a society saturated with children addicted to their smartphones and tablets, you can bring a world of wonder to your children with this smart microscope at an affordable price. Examine leaves, bark, small animals, or anything else you can imagine. The microscope connects to phones, tablets and computers via WiFI and/or USB.

It’s one of the few unique ways to keep your kids curious about the world around them and offers a rare way to combine modern technology with an old-school science tool. The camera is high resolution and the device has storage space for photos, videos and other files.

With an average of four out of five stars on Amazon, all users enjoyed their experience with the WiFi digital microscope.

“This is a great product! Well made and the… only one I’ve found for the iPhone,” five-star reviewer Dawn wrote on Amazon. “This [is] easy to use! It’s fun and once in focus the quality of the scope is crystal clear.”

Don’t settle for another video game console. The WiFi digital microphone is affordable and will help you and your loved ones grow intellectually while having fun. Get it today for $55.95 (reg. $69).

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