Excitement as womens goalie conference ends in Lagos


Through Vivian Onyebukwa

The The auditorium of Royal Choice Ministries International, Ketu, Lagos, was packed last week with women from all walks of life who gathered for the annual International Conference of the Women of Purpose Church.

It was a three-day “Made for More” themed program, where women came together to worship God and seek his face for a better life for their families and peace in the country.

The topic of the last day was “Maximizing Advancement Opportunities”. In her teaching, the conference moderator, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Ibeakanma, wife of the Senior Pastor of Royal Choice Ministries International, Dr Success Ibeakanma, took his Bible reading from Ecclesiasticus 10:15.

She explained in detail the importance of maximizing opportunities in life. Ms. Ibeakanma described the opportunity as the mother of change. She said that without an opportunity there would be no progress.

She said, “The highway of life is strewn with opportunity. Whatever happens to you is an opportunity to either move forward or backward. Your response to an opportunity that presents itself determines your success. The opportunity presents itself in different ways. Sometimes the challenge you get is an occasion for celebration. Opportunities are meant to be maximized, not wasted. The opportunity you have maximized is what changes your life. Every opportunity you missed is a thwarted fate ”.

She referred to David in the Bible, who later became king simply because he maximized the opportunity. She, however, said that no man can rise above the level of opportunities available to him, and for work opportunities they must be used.

Ms Ibeakanma went further, saying that to go further, you also have to be sensitive to disguised opportunities, as they sometimes disguise themselves as problems and challenges.

“Small opportunities are always the start of big things. The problems you solve are the platform for your promotion. Small occasions to serve are great occasions to be. If you want to progress, you have to be spiritually empowered; it pays to serve. Stop grumbling, chatting, meditating to be able to achieve greatness, ”she advised.

She implored women to pray ever harder to be able to overcome all the challenges of life.

Dr Success Ibeakanma, who also came to congratulate with the women, took his reading from 2 kings chapters 4: 1 and 2. He preached on repentance and, afterwards, prayed for the guests. There was healing, laying on of hands, and deliverance by the senior pastor. He described the event as the best women’s conference to date.

A parade of 16 women was held in honor of the organizer, Faith Ibeakanma.

One of the participants remarked that the conference could not have been better given the insecurity which ravages the country from the fringe of the Sahara to the Atlantic coast.

“There is no doubt that we need prayers more than ever. Our country is going through difficult times and as women and mothers it is our responsibility to intercede for the country, ”she said.

Some of the women who attended the event expressed their enthusiasm for the conference, which they said they always look forward to every year.

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