Extreme Engineering Announces New Coasters and Technology


Extreme Engineering will manufacture three new coasters, a Parkour-based attraction and new shade technology, while continuing to innovate in the world of themed entertainment. The vendor unveiled its announcements on November 15, 2022, during the IAAPA Expo in Orlando.

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By Blake Taylor

All three new coasters will use Extreme Engineering’s suspended Cloud Coaster model. They will set up shop in various locations across the United States: Wilderness at the Smokies (whose roller coaster will have 397 linear feet of track), Sports Wenatchee in Washington State (300 linear feet) and Richland Chambers in Texas (820 linear feet). linear). .

A fourth location receiving a Cloud Coaster, an undisclosed indoor water park, will be announced in early 2023.

Available for pre-order at IAAPA for the 2023 installation, Parkour Around, a one-of-a-kind attraction designed by Extreme Engineering. Using a patent-pending device that guests are strapped into, the experience “transforms riders into a video game action hero,” said Phil Wilson, CFO of Extreme Engineering. “The possibilities with theme, IP and experience are endless.”

parkour around
Rendered courtesy of Extreme Engineering

Themed entertainment areas could always use more shade, and new technology from Extreme Engineering will introduce a new efficient shading system called Flex Shade (patent pending). Flex Shade will use flexible rods to simplify the hardware and infrastructure typically required by shade sails and pre-existing systems. It comes in triangular and square shapes in more than six colors.

Flexible lampshade
Flexible lampshade

“Flex Shade has been a product in the making for nearly 10 years,” Wilson said. “After a decade of research and testing, including installations around the world, we are extremely excited to bring this product to market. The Flex Shade will change the shade structure industry.



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