Global financial leaders tackle climate change


The head of the International Monetary Fund said it was time for a global effort to tackle climate change, otherwise the only “realistic” way to avoid an environmental catastrophe is to leave it to the aliens.

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva joked during a briefing alongside the President of the World Bank and Italy’s Finance Minister.

They were participating in the Venice International Climate Conference.

“Our miserable performance so far has given rise to an interesting joke; how can we achieve sustainability and protect our climate? ” she said.

“There are two ways to do it: one is realistic and the other is fantastic. The realistic way is that aliens come from space, they take over our business, they do it, and the fantastic ( way) is that we, the people, do it ourselves, ”she continued.

Georgieva then pointed the finger at Italian Finance Minister Daniele Franco, saying it was his job, while Italy chairs the G-20, to make the “realist fantastic”.

Franco and World Bank President David Malpass also presented their plans to tackle climate change.

The Venice climate conference on Sunday followed a meeting of finance officials from the Group of 20 major economies in the Italian city on Saturday.

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