Google Security Engineer Visits Harbor Beach Schools


Google security engineer Rebecca Farre visited Harbor Beach computer science students on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 25, according to a recent release.

She opened up to the students, answering all questions and talking about why she got into computer engineering, what her job entails, and how she navigates as a woman in a male-dominated job.

According to Harbor Beach computer science professor David Roggenbuck, the students paid close attention, as this peek behind the curtain was a rare opportunity not only to deepen their knowledge of computer engineering, but also to have a insight into what their future might be.

Farre talked about graduating from high school at Michigan Technological University, working at Ford to gain experience, and his current role at Google. Christina Lu, a sophomore working on her second year of programming, said it was exciting to see someone who wasn’t indecisive or indecisive about life beyond high school.

“Having someone like Rebecca allows you to connect with someone who benefits her future and her career path,” she said.

Farre has previously spoken with Roggenbuck’s class, via Google Hangout, but was able to visit in person on Tuesday, after being in Kalamazoo to meet her family. Because Roggenbuck’s sister was roommates with her in college, he was able to contact her and set up a more personal meeting with the class.

“It’s really who you know that pays off,” he remarked.


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