HIMSS21: Summary of in-person and virtual activities



It is promising that great conferences are taking place in person again. With recent pushes for the Delta variant, however, conference planners are rightly vigilant and often have to deal with a host of local and national regulations as well as the needs of an international conference base. I was definitely hoping to attend my first Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in person, but decided for various reasons to attend virtually. At this point in the pandemic, I’m sure enough of virtual conferences, but I appreciated how HIMSS21 did its best to combine and organize both virtual and in-person conference.

All things considered, HIMSS21 in all respects should be a success this year. Hear straight from the source at HIMSS: “The HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition is the must-attend health information and technology event of the year, and in 2021 it was the one of the most socially distanced events with more than 19,000 change agents. waiting for. As the industry’s most influential conference and trade show, HIMSS has offered both an in-person and digital experience spanning topics ranging from AI to machine learning to EHRs, ”said Karen Groppe Sr. Director, Strategic Communications, HIMSS

Colleagues at the Conference

When I asked some of my colleagues for their comments on how this year’s HIMSS compared to previous years, here’s what they had to say:

“Has HIMSS lost its way? May be. I think it’s important for HIMSS to recognize its roots and focus on the fundamental aspects of technology and IT. Overall, the content seemed a bit focused on the social aspects. And while I don’t want to downplay these critical implications, I go to HIMSS to learn more about big ideas around tech, artificial intelligence, big data, digital health, and other tech game changers. in this domain.
Jean Nosta, founder of Nostalab

“The HMSS21 digital experience was well produced and the session discussions were consistent and of high quality. But the digital experience lacked opportunities for interaction. There were no Q&A opportunities at the end of the sessions and the chat did not include speakers. Every day there was a chat option and the high participation rates at these sessions highlighted the digital participants’ thirst for interaction. If hybrid events are here to stay, we need to embed more interactions and discussions into tools and production. “
Jan Oldenburg, Participatory Health Consulting, LLC

“The hacking worsened during and following Covid-19, jeopardizing the limited financial and IT resources of hospitals, their reputation and the privacy of millions of patients. “
Evan kirstel – Chief Digital Evangelist, eViRa Health

“I appreciate the opportunity to interact live with other online participants during the # HIMSS21 digital dialogues. I look forward to the expansion of virtual and hybrid gatherings to interact with other thought leaders on how we can use technology to improve patient care and community health. These real-time online conversations remain an important venue in light of many stakeholders rethinking their travel priorities as the COVID pandemic evolves into an ongoing endemic. “
Wen Dombrowski, MD, MBA, CATALAISE

Were you able to attend HIMSS21 in person or online? I would also love to hear about your experiences.



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