How to Find Medicines in the Kyrd Garrison Guardhouse


Tales of Arise likes to challenge its players early on, so an early quest item is harder to find than fans negotiated.


Bandai Namco Entertainment has created another critically acclaimed JRPG with Tales of the Ascension, breaking records everywhere like the simultaneous player record for Tales games on Steam. While fans seem to be enjoying the title, some quests are a bit more boring than expected. Here is the answer to a quest that initially plays tricks in the eyes of gamers: how find the medicine in the guardhouse in Kyrd’s garrison.

After forming an alliance with Shionne and freeing Calaglia by defeating the first of many bosses from Tales of the Ascension, a girl named Rinwell shows up at the Resistance Gate, ill and in need of help. This kicks off a story-driven quest to help stop fans from heading to the next realm which involves going back and forth between areas, as well as careful eyes.

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How to Find Medicines in the Kyrd Garrison Guardhouse

The Kyrd Garrison Guardhouse can confuse players with this name. The mission does not refer to the small area guarded by a wolf and two soldiers. This refers to a larger area found when players take a side path around the door they entered through, which is perfect for gathering ingredients in. Tales of the Ascension.

Once there, fans might notice the lack of a Quest Star, but that’s the tricky part. The star will only appear when players are close enough to the drug in question, found at the foot of a shelf next to a bed on the right side of the room.


The map above gives a general location that fans can go to on their radar in order to find it. Being in that area should bring up the quest star, and from there they just have to let a cutscene play, report it to Mosgul’s medic to make sure they have the correct one, and return to Ulzebek.

Once Rinwell wakes up, fans will no longer have to wait to venture out as the new girl joins Alphen’s journey to Cyslodia, the next area. The kingdom is covered with ice and snow and is used to complete more difficult challenges for the players to come.

Hiding the star needed to find the quest item is the most frustrating part of this quest, and Tales of the Ascension don’t stop there. For players who thought this quest was confusing, they might not appreciate what Elde Menancia has in store for them when it comes to story quests, which is right after Cyslodia.

Tales of the Ascension is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S / X.

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