Industrial Defender partners with Diverse Solutions Engineering to improve OT cybersecurity


Industrial Defender announced a new partnership with Diverse Solutions Engineering to improve cybersecurity in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

As cyber attacks, such as the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, continue to dominate the news cycle, security concerns increase if a malicious actor gains access to an oil, gas or petrochemical company’s network. Along with the recent announcement of new cybersecurity standards from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the two companies are teaming up to integrate cybersecurity into safety assessments.

“The recent and massive increase in cyber attacks – particularly ransomware – targeting organizations in these vital industries highlights new physical security issues, as evidenced by the growing attention to policy and compliance at the federal and federal levels and local, ”said Jim Crowley, CEO, Industry Advocate. “Our partnership with Diverse Solutions Engineering will provide customers in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries the confidence they need to ensure that they comply with new and expanding regulations and, more importantly, that safety. comes first.

Using Industrial Defender’s OT cyber risk management platform, Diverse Solutions Engineering will perform comprehensive cybersecurity assessments for customers as part of their process risk analyzes, identifying and monitoring assets. OT to detect anomalies and vulnerabilities within their networks. With the results of these assessments, oil, gas and petrochemical organizations will be able to implement fundamental OT safety controls with confidence.

“The lines between cybersecurity and physical security are increasingly blurred, bringing together what were once two disparate and siled organizations within one company,” said Elliott Broughton, senior project manager, Diverse Solutions Engineering.

“With the longevity and expertise of Industrial Defender as the market leader in OT cybersecurity, customers can bridge this gap, protecting their OT networks and environments from cybersecurity incidents that could have devastating consequences for their business. Security. “


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