LTU Engineering Professor Wins Early Career Award for Studying Electrical Accident Prevention



SOUTHFIELD — Ahmed Al-Bayati, Assistant Professor of Civil and Architectural Engineering at Lawrence Technological University, has been named the recipient of the Thomas Glavinich ELECTRI International 2021 Early Career Award.

ELECTRI International was founded in 1989 as a nonprofit research arm of the National Electrical Contractors Association. It sponsors research that leads to a safer and more efficient electrical industry. The Early Career Award recognizes young researchers who carry out work deemed important to industry. Only two prizes are awarded per year across the country.

Ahmed Al Bayati. Photo by Lawrence Technological University

Al-Bayati presented a research proposal, “Satisfying the Need for a Systematic Incident Investigation Learning Program,” to develop a system of lessons learned from workplace accidents where electrical construction workers are injured or killed on the job.

As part of this award, Al-Bayati will conduct a 10-month research project. He will work with a task force made up of members of ELECTRI and the Michigan branch of the National Electrical Contractors Association on the project.

Al-Bayati noted in the proposal that in a study of workplace injuries and fatalities, “the most worrying result was the recurrence of direct causes of fatal and non-fatal incidents among electrical construction workers over the years. Last 30 years “. This disturbing repetition, he argued, “should not be viewed as a normal process of bodily mechanisms which normally fail from time to time; instead, it should be seen as a quality issue that needs to be controlled.

He said the fact that the same accidents happen over and over again could be corrected by “creating a comprehensive incident investigation program tailored to the needs of the electrical construction industry”, addressing the root causes of fatal and serious injuries. A comparative study will be included to identify the direct and root causes of such incidents, focus groups with safety officials in the electrical industry on these causes and the dissemination of a comprehensive accident investigation and prevention program. .

Josh Bone, Executive Director of ELECTRI, said in a letter to Al-Bayati that the hope is that “your project will result in a publishable product recognizing your institution and ELECTRI International, and that this project will open the door to future collaboration. … In a more traditional way. funded research context.



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