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New Delhi, December 28 (IANS): Is the war on terrorism over? No, terrorism continues to be a constant global threat that knows no borders, nationalities or religions. Terrorism, in all its forms, is fundamentally devastating and can never be justified. It threatens development and endangers civil liberties, liberty and human rights. The only way to fight terrorism is to work collectively with the international community and to achieve a global consensus in the fight against terrorism.

With similar goals, the Usanas Foundation, a Udaipur-based security and geopolitics think tank, is organizing an international conference, titled ‘Maharana Pratap Annual Security Dialogue’, from January 10-13, 2022. The theme of the conference is “transitional terrorism in the 21st century and the global response to the fight against terrorism.” This international event is sponsored by prestigious organizations such as the Indian Council of World Affairs (think tank of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Maharana of Mewar Charitable Trust (Trust led by Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, the 76th Guardian of the House of Mewar) and Manipal Global Education Services (organization led by award-winning Padma Shri, TV Mohan Das Pai). The conference will bring together twenty-five of the world’s top terrorism experts, radicalization and the fight against terrorism in more than eight different countries.

This conference will bring together the different perspectives of experts who have been working on this topic for several decades, from seasoned journalist Praveen Swami, one of the foremost terrorism experts in Jammu and Kashmir, to Rohan Gunaratna of Sri Lanka and Singapore, which has extensive experience dealing with terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS). To make this conference truly diverse, it has speakers like Yoram Schweitzer, a legendary Israel counterterrorism expert who served as part of the Israel Task Force in the Prime Minister’s Office. Speakers like Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon official who spent time with the Taliban before 9/11 and lived in Iran, Yemen and Iraq after the revolution, will bring us the reality of terrorism in these regions. .

This conference will also be the first mega event on the discourse on global terrorism in India after the Taliban recapture of Afghanistan. To understand the conflict in Afghanistan, the dialogue will welcome speakers such as Ambassador Amar Sinha, who was appointed Indian envoy to Afghanistan in 2013 and had a 35-year diplomatic career. Ambassador Javid Ahmad, former Afghan envoy to the United Arab Emirates, will also present his perspective on Afghanistan and regional security in the face of terrorism following the Taliban takeover.

This event will bring a new perspective on terrorism and counterterrorism discourse, especially when the world perceives that the global war of terror is over after the US withdrawal. This expansive four-day conference will not only be of benefit to military officials and counterterrorism scholars, but also to students, academics and diplomats who want to learn more about these issues. The first three days of the conference will be held online and the closing ceremony will be held offline in Udaipur City.

This security dialogue will make you understand the decentralized and murderous nature of current terrorism and radicalization and its impact on society. To better understand terrorism, register through this link:


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