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Dr Rolf has extensive training and years of experience in advanced arthroscopic techniques for shoulder instability and rotator cuff tears.

Dr Rolf with a patient. Photo provided.

Robert Rolf, MD of Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine grew up in Cincinnati. He graduated from La Salle High School and then attended the University of Notre Dame where he obtained a BS in Chemical Engineering.

When he was young he was deeply and positively influenced by his uncle – a true father figure to him – Dr. Robert Burger, orthopedic surgeon at Beacon Orthopedics. Dr Burger is also a Notre Dame alumnus and always believed his nephew should attend medical school – and also pursue orthopedic studies. Young Robert wasn’t so sure.

As the son of two teenagers, he was the first in his family to graduate from high school and attend university and has always been personally determined to succeed. Pursuing an engineering degree seemed like a good solution and it was a great way to start your career. For two years after graduation he worked in engineering sales, however, the personal attraction of becoming a doctor was still in him.

He turned to medical school, attending the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. At first he was open to all specialties, but the more he studied and experimented, the more he was drawn to orthopedics, which became his goal. “It seemed that the orthopedists I met and learned from (including my uncle) were well-rounded – they were hardworking, athletic, engaged in academic pursuits and always family-centered,” said Dr Rolf. “It seemed to suit me as well. “

After graduating from UC, Dr. Rolf completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He continued his training as a shoulder and elbow specialist at the Boston Shoulder Institute at Harvard University. He is certified in orthopedic surgery and holds a specialty certificate in sports medicine. He is the first to tell you that his practice goes well beyond the simple support of athletes. “Shoulder pain can be debilitating,” he said. “And sometimes that pain requires the attention of an orthopedic specialist.” He shared that his goal is to help people experience as little pain as possible.

He has extensive training and years of experience in advanced arthroscopic techniques for shoulder instability and rotator cuff tears. He has also performed many complex shoulder reconstruction procedures such as Total Shoulder Replacement and Reverse Shoulder Replacement. He really has become an expert.

Dr Rolf said he was most proud when his patients told him he had ‘given them back their lives’ – easing or even eliminating their pain. Using her education, training and experience to help patients is what inspires her and in turn her experience, personal training and dedication inspires her patients. For athletes and non-athletes, this is a winning combination.

Beyond his service to patients, Dr Rolf is committed to helping future practitioners. An example of this commitment is his past role as Co-Director of the Beacon Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Sports Medicine Fellowship Program. This unique and highly competitive scholarship provides training to surgeons across the country in sports medicine and shoulder surgery. He hopes this work will have a positive influence on future practitioners. He wants to share what he lived with his uncle and many other committed adults who were interested in him throughout his youth and his studies and professional training.

“I have been truly blessed,” said Dr Rolf. “My parents were just teenagers when they had me. My mother raised 3 boys on her own and never expected anything other than maximum effort. It is a testament to knowing that hard work and dedication are important. Not only has this influenced his own career, but he deliberately shares this with all the students he works with. “It doesn’t matter what tough cards you’ve been given in life,” he said. “You can work to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. “

When not at work, he is with his wife and family. Her free time is devoted to the interests and lives of their four active children.

If you experience shoulder pain, contact Dr Rolf or one of Beacon’s over 60 doctors. Beacon Orthopedics treats patients of all ages for a variety of injuries and conditions, including shoulder problems. If you or someone you love is experiencing pain (whether from a sports injury or just routine exertion) you can always make an appointment for a diagnosis in Beacon West, Lawrenceburg and Batesville. , or go to one of their injury clinics on Saturday mornings, or emergency care. at Erlanger and Summit Woods.

Go to or call 513-354-3700 for an appointment. Over twenty Beacon Tri-state locations receive patients.


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