NED and SSUET organize conference on applied physics and engineering



Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) vice-chancellor Professor Vali Uddin said a wide range of fields are directly related to applied physics and engineering. “All devices are developed using certain physical laws.

We will not be able to develop systems and devices unless we have a good knowledge of the laws of physics. Understanding the laws of physics is very important, he said addressing the first international online conference on applied physics and engineering (ICAPE 2021) today.

The conference was organized by the NED University of Engineering and Technology with Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology as a co-partner to overcome the barrier of universities and industry by providing a mutual platform to be shared internationally to get expert insights into their research and experiences.

It will be an encouragement for young scientists and an opportunity to seek collaborative research in the fields of physics and engineering.

Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) chairman Faizan Mansoor was the guest of honor, while the director general of the National Center for Physics, Dr Hafeez Hoorani, was the guest of honor.

NED Vice Chancellor Sarosh Lodi at a two-day international conference on applied physics and engineering said physics affects virtually every aspect of society while the engineering sector depends on physics.

Universities should host such global conferences on applied physics so that academics and professionals can understand the importance of applied physics. Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Chairman Faizan Mansoor said that “the organization of such a global conference on the occasion of the NED centenary celebrations was commendable.

He said that the academic sessions from which social improvement is possible must be continuous. DG National Center for Physics, Dr Hafeez, said: “We invite engineers from NED to explore research for our institute. “

Professor Muhammad Aamir, dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (SSUET) said in his post that the conference allowed to share knowledge of cutting edge advancements and cutting edge technologies, which gain considerable interest with the titanic presence followers.

The aim is to bring together a multidisciplinary gathering of researchers and engineers from all over the world and to exchange innovative ideas relating to physics and engineering.

It promotes high-level research and globalizes quality exploration and highlights remarkable new achievements in the respective fields with future trends and needs.

Dr. Lubna Farhi, Chairperson of the Electronic Engineering Department (SSUET), in her post as the chairperson of the conference, said the conference was timely given the enormous importance of science and technology .

I look forward to the unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and network with platform professionals from NED University.



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