Prof. Dr.Tzenios has been inducted into the Medical Research Council (FMRC) USA Hall of Fame honoring him with an FMRC Distinguished Fellowship


Professor Dr. Nikolaos Tzenios, Ph.D., FRSPH, FRSM, FAAMFM, FWAMS, FMRC, AcIASS, mRSB, DABAAHP|, University Professor of Public Health, had been inducted into the Hall of Fame honoring him with the Scholarship of the Medical Research Council (FMRC) for its remarkable contribution to medical research. His publications in international journals have received international acclaim and have had a significant impact on the global research community.

“This is to certify that the renowned researcher, Professor Dr. Nikolaos Tzenios is hereby recognized and honored as Member of the Medical Research Council (FMRC). The designated fellow is elected at the grade estimated for the outstanding achievements in the pursuit of higher education and research in his work and notable contributions to cancer To research.” Dr. Vivek Dubey, (MS, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin) Secretary Open Association of Research Society, Delaware.

Professor Dr. Nikolaos Tzenios’ research papers with multiple citations show his deep understanding of research methodology and show his insight into the subtle aspects of his field. They were selected for publication after going through exhaustive parameters of peer review and approved by an editorial board of eminent scholars and scientists.

Dr. Nikolaos Tzenios shows originality of thought and delves into hitherto unexplored areas.

The Scholarship of the Medical Research Council This is not just an award, but also a membership given to individuals whose scientist the Open Association of Research Society Judges believes has made a substantial contribution to improving the cancer research.

The nominated fellows are the world’s most eminent scientists, engineers and technologists. Fellow designation credentials mean that the researcher has acquired knowledge of fundamental and high-level concepts, is an expert in the subject matter, has mastered an expertise course covering the code of professional conduct, and follows recognized standards of practice. .

Professor Tzenios communicates his ideas with spontaneous fluency and demonstrates academic commitment and research aptitude, giving us enough reason to believe that he has the potential to render outstanding service in the academic field. This gives us enough ground to believe that his knowledge will benefit future researchers.

Almost all major indexing organizations have indexed the journals of the Global Journals Organization. It publishes journals in about forty disciplines which publish about three hundred research articles per month read by about two hundred thousand readers in different parts of the world. Research contribution comes from renowned researchers and scientists from universities in one hundred and fifty-seven countries. The organization has to its credit the publication of more than eighteen thousand research works.

Dr. Nikolaos Tzenios, Senior Executive Vice President of the World Academy of Medical ( is a member of the Scientific Council of the European Medical Association, Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (UK), Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK), Fellow of the World Academy of Medical Sciences, Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Tzenios is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine, Fellow of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI) and Fellow of the American Federation for Medical Research, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (UK) and ASSOCIATE ACADEMICIAN of the International Academy of Social Sciences.

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