Promotion of transgender ideology must stop before it does more harm



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“I’m just going through a phase…” These are the words parents apparently are no longer allowed to say to children who are apparently confused as to their gender. In fact, in the creepy atmosphere of Woke-driven LGBT + law enforcement, if parents presume to follow this line, they risk being accused of bigotry and transphobic abuse and having their child taken away.

The latest example of a school that has eliminated parental anxieties in a mad rush to propel a child through the transition can be found in Wales. In full tilt to enforce the new relationship and sexuality regulations, Rhondda Cynon Taf’s board has apparently enthusiastically embraced the famous trans toolkit, controversially advising schools to support children if they express a wish to. change sex.

It is recalled that this is the same resource subject to legal challenge in Oxfordshire by a 13-year-old schoolgirl, who opposed the compulsory use of changing rooms, dormitories and women’s toilets by children transgender. She argued that this was unfair and made him feel powerless, which the court accepted. The toolbox has been removed.

Before the behemoth of transgender “inclusiveness”, however, Rhonda CBC seemed to dismiss such concerns. They are not alone, of course. The Scottish government appears equally determined to hammer out its support for transgender rights. As part of the new LGBT inclusion guidelines, for example, it warns teachers not to challenge a child’s self-identification, urging schools to use the name and preferred pronouns chosen by the child.

While the guidelines say changing a student’s gender and name in school computer systems requires parental permission, it would appear that less formal approval is now required, whether parents agree or not. no. Which means, of course, that parents’ legitimate concerns about the lack of proper investigation or exploration are censored and suppressed.

It is nothing less than systemic abuse by ideologically motivated LGBT + groups that have taken power. Groups that ruthlessly seek to impose their own value system and re-orchestrate society in their image – and where anything that challenges the new Weltanschauung is rigorously and, dare I say, viciously repressed.

Whatever the rating scale, it’s madness. The truth is, we are witnessing a social experiment and the young people of the nation are being used as guinea pigs.

All children, as they develop and grow, go through periods of intense questioning, and very often they don’t like what they see. I am too fat, they think, or too thin. I have spots, I’m ugly … nobody likes me. I’m different, I don’t fit in. And sometimes – often – real and intense anger erupts against those around them. It is all part of the process of becoming; of the birth of the person they will one day become.

Thus, girls, confronted with their developing bodies and perhaps perceived as “inequality” with boys, can be tomboys, vehemently rejecting their biological feminization. Boys, preferring artistic and academic pursuits to bouncing around a muddy rugby pitch and possibly getting injured, may want to dress in their mother’s clothes – the brighter the better! Both sexes can write poetry … both long for love, acceptance and support.

In 2009, 77 children with mating disruption were referred for treatment to Portman and Tavistock Clinic, England’s only gender identity treatment clinic for children. By April 2019 the number had grown to 2,590. It is worth saying that the number would have been much higher if the Tavistock had had more staff; but, as it was, they were under-resourced so numbers were capped. Even so, the numbers show an increase of 4,500% over 10 years, and there is no doubt that this increase is fueled by the current and shifted focus of schools on teaching children as young as four years old. sex is a matter of choice, not biology. .

It is medically recognized that the majority of gender dysphoric children suffer from some form of related mental illness, are autistic, gay, or have been abused. In other words, their feelings of body dysmorphia are a form of displacement or compensation for an underlying cause, for which they should be treated.

In fact, research clearly shows that at least 85% of children with gender dysphoria will, by puberty, be completely satisfied with their birth sex, if only given love and support. This means that if these children are precipitated prematurely in irreversible treatments, their lives will be irreparably marked.

This was indeed supported by Keira Bell in the recent successful case she brought against The Tavistock and Portman, saying how much she regretted her decision to move on to a man and arguing that she should have been further challenged by those who offered him treatment.

The function of education is to provide children with the knowledge and skills they need to become full adults and take their future place in society. It’s not about indoctrinating them into life choices that don’t happen naturally and that don’t improve their well-being and happiness.

Just going through a phase …? The promotion and normalization of transgender ideology is a phase that must end as soon as possible – before it does any more harm.



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