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-The Allentown, Pa. Firefighters gather as fire hats sights from all parts of the state.

—Hornellsville, NY, raises his voice in tribulation for lack of much needed hydraulic work.

—A late report says it costs St. Louis $ 96,000 a year to pump water that is simply wasted in that city.

—Alert Hose, from Rochester, NY, will be heading to Hudson next June, with guests from Hook and Ladder Company No. 3.

– Problems have erupted again at the Cohoes, NY Fire Department, and a local writer says unless better protection is offered, insurers will cancel policies written at factories in that city.

—Some enterprising thieves from Martin County, Kentucky recently set a man’s barn on fire, and when the whole family was found to put out the flames, they sneaked into the house and the house. stole $ 1,000 in cash and valuables.

– Members of the Common Council Fire Committee, Allentown, Pa., Have asked the council that the chief fire engineer be paid a stipulated salary. The movement is going in the right direction.

-The third annual Union Hook and T concert and ball, adder Company # 1, of Natick, Mass., Will be held on the evening of February 6, as will the fifteenth annual Ringgold Hose party # 1, of Newburgh, State. from New York

-Mrs. BB Bulwinkle and Son of Chicago are planning to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana as guests of Chief O’Connor’s family from that city. They will be staying to attend the annual fire service review on March 5.

– It is now known as historical fact that George Washington used to run to fifes with “Big Six” and yell with the best of them to “climb that ladder and get stuck in the third floor window, and break the jaw of the first son of a handyman who gets involved! “

The Rough and Ready Hook and Ladder Company, of Monmouth, Ill, selected officers to serve the following year as follows: Foreman, HA Webster; first assistant, RH Randall; Second assistant, FA Hohenadel, Jr .; Treasurer, RM Stevenson; Secretary, Charles Brown.

-It is a singular fact that, although almost all families in country towns and rural districts use kerosene as a fluid, and the mortality due to accidents from this source is remarkable, the extinguhherg of fires supplied with gas Carbon dioxide are hardly found in the surroundings where this combustible is in use.

– A Citizens’ Water-works Company, made up of the principal capitalists of Maysville, Ky., Has just been organized, which proposes to build the works precisely according to Louisville’s offer for $ 15,000 less. If the city wishes to become owner, it is authorized to pay the above amount in such sums, in the manner and at the times that it wishes.

– Chief Engineer William Howard, of the Poughkeepsie, NY Fire Department, reported annually to Council. In the department there are 298 men, divided into three machine companies, three pipe companies and a hook and ladder company. Number of fires for the year, 18; cost of the department, $ 4,018; water, 288 terminals.

– The other day, a young man from the countryside came to town with a load of wood and a pair of oxen, and, during his wanderings, came across a fire hydrant which had been opened to clean the pipes. . He watched the water gush out in dead silence for a moment, then sounded the alarm by shouting:

-Old Tiger Fire Company, of Haverhill, Mass., Was organized in the year 1769, and has its complete records from 1776. The Haverhill Department has an interesting history, and is, perhaps, one of the oldest such organizations in the country. The new Chief, Captain West, has an abundant knowledge of fire and, best of all, brings energy and a determination to win to the office.

Dodge Center, Minn., Has a fire department made up of all able-bodied citizens of the area. Half a dozen fire extinguishers make a considerable performance, but the boys do their main job with the bucket, a fire-fighting instrument, which has received the sanction of centuries of use. A point in favor of buckets is that there are no valves to break down; however, it will hardly be enough for a city which wants to be classified as enterprising to depend only on it.

– Under the headline “Explosion In A Bed”, an article from Norwalk, Connecticut tells the story of a married couple in Westport who on Christmas Eve warmed a cold bed with a glass bottle full of water boiling. The bottle exploded with a pistol-like report, flooding the occupants of the bed with hot water and causing the children upstairs to scream aloud, “Is this Santa Claus? “

—During the year 1879, the pumping motor of the waterworks in Danvers, Mass., Operated for seventeen days, pumping 118,616,696 gallons of water; 317,634 pounds of coal were used for lighting fires and pumping, and 22,469 pounds for reserve fires, for a total consumption of 340,113 pounds. In September, water was drawn from the tank and a thorough cleaning was carried out. The city was supplied during this period by direct pumping, with the pumps running slowly day and night.

-The leadership of the Fire Department of Lapeer, Michigan, now rests in the hands of[amesMurphyqu’iln’yapasdemeilleurpompierenvilleMyronBlssellestlechefadjointIln’yapaseud’incendiescesdernierstempsmaisplusieursnouveauxcandidatsàl’admissiondanslesrangssontpassésparlesurnesetlorsqu’unincendieseproduirailrencontrerauneoppositionconsidérableLesaffairesdetouteslesbranchesdudépartementsedéroulentavecunerégularitéharmonieuseatteignantlaperfectiondejourenjour[amesMurphythanwhomthereisnobetterFiremanintownMyronBlssellistheAssistantChiefTherehavebeennofiresoflatebutseveralnewcandidatesforadmissiontotherankshavebeenpassedthroughtheballot-boxandwhenafiredoesoccuritwillmeetwithconsiderableoppositionAffairsinallbranchesoftheDepartment^aremovingonwithharmoniousregularityattainingperfectiondaybyday[amesMurphyqu’iln’yapasdemeilleurpompierenvilleMyronBlssellestlechefadjointIln’yapaseud’incendiescesdernierstempsmaisplusieursnouveauxcandidatsàl’admissiondanslesrangssontpassésparlesurnesetlorsqu’unincendieseproduirailrencontrerauneoppositionconsidérableLesaffairesdetouteslesbranchesdudépartementsedéroulentavecunerégularitéharmonieuseatteignantlaperfectiondejourenjour[amesMurphythanwhomthereisnobetterFiremanintownMyronBlssellistheAssistantChiefTherehavebeennofiresoflatebutseveralnewcandidatesforadmissiontotherankshavebeenpassedthroughtheballot-boxandwhenafiredoesoccuritwillmeetwithconsiderableoppositionAffairsinallbranchesoftheDepartment^aremovingonwithharmoniousregularityattainingperfectiondaybyday

—The annual report of Almon Boys, chief engineer of the Ithaca, NY fire department gives the following statistics: Aircraft, two Silsby Steamers, third sire; a Clapp & Jones steamboat, third size, a hook and ladder truck, an ax wagon carrying two chemical fire extinguishers, an ore engine, and six pipe wagons carrying 500 feet of hose each. The ministry’s expenses for the year were $ 3,170. Total number of men, 377; total number of fires, 20; false alarms, 3; total loss, $ 23,625. There are 17 cisterns and 29 standpipes for the use of the Department.

—The Water Regis’rar of Holyoke, Mass., Has been invited by the officers of Oakland, Calif., Water-works, to give them some advice on the management of Holyoke. State law requires them to provide the city with all the water needed for fires, irrigation of public land, street watering, etc. at no cost, and they want to get data for a movement. towards a change in the law. Holyoke pays $ 3,000 per year for water used in fires, and street sprinklers pay according to the amount used, both of which are almost enough to pay for the cost of maintenance.

—Elections for the fire department in Goshen, Ind., Were held with the following results: No. 1 Engine Company — Foreman, Frank Reith; First Assistant ‘, Jacob Dutch; Secretary, Daniel Haverstick; treasurer, C. Cline; Pipe Company # 4 — Chairman, Joseph H. Defreese; Foreman. Perry Hulwick; First assistant, F. Coats; Secretary, Jérôme Alderman; treasurer, George Hinder; Hook and Ladder Company — Foreman, C. Miller; first assistant, D. Dunnivan; Second assistant, A. Clutter; Secretary, HA VanWert. Goshen grapples with the world – loss in eight months, $ 10.

-Steamer # 5. From Catskill, NY. The fire department, having received a new set of flue pipes, was pulled out the other day for a test run, and with roo pounds of steam and a 3-16 I nozzle threw out a stream of 243 feet. The No.5 is a third-class Clapp & Jones engine, and although the Catskill firefighters don’t claim to be heavy on the open-end game, (hey doubt if ever HJJ’s Great English Engine or Rotary’s LA France can beat it to the playing nozzle when there are witnesses around. The Clapp & Jones. Manufacturing Company are on building a new style of engine for the reading. Pa. This must be a double vertical crane neck with 5-inch pumps, and is meant to be the “boss” of Play.

-GW Childs, AM, Philadelphia’s obituary poems all sparkle, but the following are perfect gems, exceeding the standard erected by his most confident friends, an unusual interest is attached to which due to their adaptability to the use of our firefighter. We take great pleasure in giving them:

”Put away the wooden hoot That our foreman used to hide From the tomcats at the stake; George’s house is in the sky.

Fix the holes in the father’s pants. Soon they will fire our brother Ben; The jet of water from engine 6 hit him in the abdomen.

“Marie, you will always be missed. Finished your pleasant smile; If the can of oil had been much bigger you would have traveled about a mile.

– In the recent election of officers by the Canandaigua, NY Fire Department, ON Crane was unanimously re-elected Chief Engineer; EA Oatman, assistant engineer, and HB Ferguson, secretary and treasurer, were also re-elected. Chief Crane, prior to the election, declined to be a candidate, but by the unanimous wish of the department, he accepted the post for another year. It is gratifying to know that the Department and the Companies are well supervised and in a prosperous state. John Etts, a former firefighter, was elected foreman of the 1st Steam Company with William Spangle as first assistant. George W. McKechnie, was re-elected foreman of the No. 3 Steamer Company; Peter Faber, Jr., Foreman Mutual Hook and Ladder Company, and Henry Singlub, Foreman Protection No. a. The chief brings back all the devices in good order.

– Chief Engineer Thomas O’Conner, of the New Orleans, Louisiana, Fire Department, submitted his report for the year 1879. The organization consists of 19 steam engines, 19 flex wagons, approximately 8000 feet of undamaged 2ji inch rubber hose and 4 complete hook and ladder trucks, in the city proper. A company in Milneburg that has two hand-held machines, a steam engine and a 500-foot hose in good condition, as well as hooks, ladders and other devices needed to serve as a hook and ladder company . One chief engineer, four assistant engineers and around 900 active members. Many additions and repairs to the device were made during the year, and the water supply was increased and improved. During the year, there were 205 actual fires, 18 false or unnecessary alarms and three general alarms. The chief recommends the purchase of 25 alarm boxes for erection in parts of the city now unprotected, and also that more attention be paid to the enforcement of building laws. Loss of fire for the year, $ 439,229; insurance, $ 1,421,153.


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