Reasons Your Credit Application Was Rejected

In the credit application form, you will be asked to write down your personal data along with a number that can be contacted. Be it your personal number or the number where you work. Make sure the number you write down is correct and can be contacted, because the number will be used by the bank to verify your data.

A verification failure occurs when the bank cannot contact the number you provided. So, try to give a number that is always ready to answer and can provide valid information about your personal data.


Unreadable Documents

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Never try to falsify anything when applying for credit, whether it is in the form of personal data, information, or documents. If you commit fraud, it is certain that your credit application is rejected because the bank will first verify before approving your credit application. Make sure all the data, information, and documents that you include are correct as they are.

Even though all the documents you have requested have been provided, your credit application will still not work if the document cannot be read clearly. Usually this problem occurs during the copy process. Make sure the copies of your documents can be clearly read before giving them to the bank.


The amount of credit is too large

If you are asked, how much credit you want, maybe you will answer as much as possible. However, the number of credit limits given by banks to you is not determined arbitrarily. The amount of the credit limit will be adjusted to your financial condition. Especially seen from how much your income and your ability to pay installments.

If the amount of credit you submit is too large from your earnings and the ability to pay installments, then the bank will reject your application.


Credit Card Arrears Arrears

Credit Card Arrears Arrears

The bank has successfully verified, you have not committed fraud, your documents have been read clearly, and the amount of credit you have submitted is appropriate. But the bank still has other considerations before approving your credit application that is the track record of using a credit card.

Your credit application will be more easily approved if you are disciplined in paying credit card bills. From the credit card track record, banks can anticipate credit risk early on.


Bad Credit History

One of the bank’s considerations before approving your credit application is your credit history. When you make a submission, the bank will check your previous credit history through BI Checking. BI Checking contains your entire credit history both to banks and non-bank institutions.

A bad credit history will increase the likelihood that your application will be rejected. Try to always be disciplined and timely in making credit payments so that your next credit application can be easier.


Be Disciplined and Enjoy the Benefits

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At present, using a Personal Loan (KTA) is a necessity so that you can manage your finances better. Good financial condition is determined by you as a regulator of your finances.

Learning to be disciplined in managing finances, such as paying credit card bills on time and prioritizing needs over wants will greatly keep your financial condition well maintained. So you have a good credit history at BI Checking that will make it easier for you when applying for credit to the bank when needed.

By being disciplined in managing your finances, the likelihood that you will experience credit refusal by the bank will be even smaller. Your discipline yields benefits that can help you when you need money one day. Be a disciplined person and you will enjoy the benefits of it.

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