SC rejects doctor’s plea for trials of its Ayurveda drug for treatment of Covid


The Supreme Court has rejected a plea filed by a doctor asking for instructions from the Ayush Center and Ministry to conduct trials on a drug it claims to have developed for the treatment of COVID-19. A bench led by Judge DY Chandrachud said the directions sought in the petition relate to a public health policy issue.

“The court is unable to assess the petitioner’s claim with regard to the effectiveness of the Ayurveda-based remedy he claims to have developed for the treatment of COVID-19. We therefore decline to allow the petition, said the court, also composed of Justices RS Reddy and SR Bhat, in its June 28 order. “The request is, therefore, rejected,” said the judiciary.

The plea, filed by a doctor working as a consultant (pathology) at a hospital in Ghaziabad, claimed that in July of last year he succeeded in preparing a powerful drug to completely cure the ill effects of the coronavirus. The plea, drawn by lawyer Shalabh Gupta, claimed that the drug prepared by the petitioner was effective in all cases treated by him and that this treatment is very inexpensive.

The petitioner said he first tested the drug’s effectiveness on himself and his wife and the results were quite shocking as the disease was completely cured within two or three days. “As a physician, the petitioner himself is aware of the cost of the loss of a single human life. The petitioner tested his drug on various patients with COVID-19 and got the desired result in just two or three days, according to the plea.

The plea alleged that the petitioner had contacted various authorities about the drug he had developed, but none of them responded positively or took his claims seriously. He said the petitioner received a response in March this year in which the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) said that if the drug to be treated is a traditional drug, he should contact the Ayush ministry.

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