Snag push: DGCA says Indian carriers have now posted qualified engineering staff at all stations


Aviation regulator DGCA said on Thursday that airlines have now assigned qualified engineering staff to all their stations after asking carriers to do so.

With Indian airlines reporting multiple incidents of technical malfunction over the past 45 days, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said on July 18 that it had carried out spot checks and found that insufficient engineering staff and unqualified was certifying aircraft from various carriers prior to departure.

Before each departure, an aircraft is checked and certified by an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME). On July 18, the DGCA had asked airlines to deploy sufficient and qualified AME personnel by July 28. In a statement on Thursday, the regulator said: ”Based on reports of an increase in engineering-related occurrences at scheduled airlines in recent times, the DGCA has conducted several audit/spot checks which indicated incorrect identification of the cause of a reported defect, an upward trend in MEL (minimum equipment list) releases, and insufficient certifying staff. authorized to fly with certain inoperative equipment or instruments for a specific period of time, until repairs are made.

The regulator said that in order to address the shortcomings, a series of meetings were held with the airlines during which they were asked to “provide the required type rating certification personnel at all stations” to ensure that faults are properly corrected before the aircraft is released for operations. “All airlines have advised that all layovers are now manned by qualified certifying personnel by sending them on ‘temporary assignment’ or ‘flight duty’,” he said.

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