The 18th computer frontier of COMSATS University inaugurated by the Minister of Science and Technology



Federal Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Shibli Faraz on Monday opened the 18th International Conference of COMSATS University in Islamabad on the Frontiers of Information Technology.

Speakers from France, the Netherlands, China, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States and Pakistan participate in the two-day conference organized by COMSATS University of Islamabad at the Secretariat COMSTECH, in Islamabad.

Shibli Faraz, Federal Minister of Science and Technology, also the guest of honor at the opening ceremony, praised the efforts of the FIT organizers to provide a valued platform for researchers, scientists and practitioners of industry around the world to showcase their cutting-edge research as well by sharing the latest industry information.

Further, he said that no country has the capacity on its own to tackle the challenges of global commons such as environmental issues, sustainable renewable energy, disease and pandemics, explosive population growth and scarcity. food, etc. He said it was the top priority of the current government to facilitate academia and local R&D organizations, so that they can jointly provide solutions to indigenous problems and contribute to the socio-economic development of Pakistan. He said the creation of a digital Pakistan was inevitable for good governance and prosperity.

Prof. Atta ur Rehman FRS, Vice Chairman of the Prime Minister’s National Technology-Based Knowledge Economy Working Group, delivered keynote speech to the technical experts, students and participating dignitaries. In his recorded speech titled “Open Distance Learning: Building a Knowledge Economy”, Prof. Rahman underlined the importance of the knowledge economy in a highly competitive global skills market and presented several initiatives that have led to significant developments. new solutions in today’s Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad T. Afzal, Rector of COMSATS University in Islamabad, appreciated in his remarks the support provided by the government in promoting the culture of research and development in the country. He said that in order to create opportunities for Pakistan in the field of information technology, it is imperative to ensure greater participation of women in information technology. While cheering on the female students, Prof Afzal said IT offers very lucrative job prospects for women where they can realize their true potential with respectful and dignified jobs. He assured participants that COMSATS University in Islamabad will always play an active role in training young entrepreneurs to create technology-driven solutions for Pakistan. Prof Afzal called on researchers to engage in meaningful product-oriented research that can benefit the masses and the economy instead of producing publications that create no real impact.

The two-day conference will feature a series of guest lectures as part of its technical program, while a doctoral symposium will provide an opportunity for doctoral students to present their current research in order to garner feedback from industry experts. The last day of the conference will include a panel discussion on “How to make digital Pakistan a reality”. The conference is the 18th annual event organized by COMSATS University consecutively over the past 2 decades and boasts a very competitive acceptance rate among IT circles in Pakistan. The conference has encouraged new areas of computing since its inception and this year has attracted the attention of experts in software engineering, pattern recognition, image and natural language processing, data science, water computing, smart grid, energy and electronics, signal processing and cyber Security among others.



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