TIP offers a master’s degree in engineering management



The Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) has introduced a new Master of Professional Science in Engineering Management (PSMEM), which will provide a solid career opportunity for engineers who wish to develop and refine their business management skills.

It comes after the institute started offering other PSM degrees in construction management and data science over the past six years.

The degree program aims to equip enrollees with technical and managerial expertise designed to play a key role in preparing the next generation of leaders in the engineering industry.

TIP Senior Vice President Angelo Lahoz said the new program was born at the request of their partners for a practice-based program that can be used as a professional lever for career advancement.

Aileen Jara, head of development engineering at Western Digital Storage Technologies (WDST) Philippines Corp., agrees with Lahoz, saying that “engineering managers need to develop communication skills to enable them to connect a in-depth technical content to a variety of audiences “.

She said PSMEM addresses concern that undergraduate programs are often technical and lack management courses.

Dr Richard Abendan, leader of the Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development (Stride) party, praised TIP for initiating, developing and launching the PSMEM program on his own.

“With his strong track record and visionary leadership, TIP now demonstrates that it can lead its own development efforts with minimal support from Stride. This is an outcome we would always like to see: academic institutions building their own mechanisms to produce industry-ready graduates, ”he said.

Stride is a USAid-funded project enabling innovation to drive economic growth in the Philippines.

Applications and registrations for PSMEM are now open and classes will take place online through the Canvas online platform.

TIP invites interested applicants to visit their social media accounts via @ TIP1962official for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or by emailing their admissions office 痴 at [email protected] or [email protected]



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