Your Credit Declined? Check your BI Checking!

In banking terms, there is what is called BI checking, a report issued by Cream Bank which contains a credit / loan history of a customer to a bank or non-bank financial institution. So, with BI checking, whether or not a customer’s credit history will be recorded and can be seen in Cream Bank ‘s Debtor Information System (SID).

This information or report can be accessed by all banks and non-bank financial institutions that are members of SID throughout Indonesia. BI Checking can also see problems with the smooth payment of your loans, or often called collectibility. This smooth loan repayment will also affect you in applying for credit or loans to the Bank.  

Some of you may have felt the refusal of credit applications for reasons of BI Checking. Did you know, there are ways to check your credit history and how to manage it at Cream Bank . But before you make a check, there are some document requirements that you must fulfill, namely:


Requirements and Documents That Must Be Fulfilled

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The first thing you must know is, checking BI Checking is different between individuals and business entities. Because, the documents and accessories are also different.


For individuals, you only need to submit a photocopy of your identity by showing documents such as an Identity Card (KTP) or Temporary Residence Permit Card (Kitas) as a condition for conducting BI Checking.

Business entity

Submit a photocopy of the business entity’s identity (deed of company establishment and the latest amendment to the articles of association containing the composition and authority of the management), as well as a photocopy of identification (KTP or KITAS) of the management who submitted the request for Historical IDI. Also show the original identity of the business entity or a photocopy of the identity of the business entity that has been legalized, and the original identity of the management who submitted the request for Historical IDI.


4 Steps To Check BI Checking

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1. Access the Official Website of Cream Bank

The first thing you must do is, Access the Official Website of Cream Bank first. In the Monetary option, then Credit Information, then Historical IDI Request. On the IDI Historical Request page, you will find a form that you must fill out.

2. Fill in the Form

In the form there are some personal data that you must fill in, such as full name, e-mail address e-mail, gender, place and date of birth, address, telephone number, biological mother’s name, Resident Identity Card (KTP) or Letter number Driving License (YES), and the reason for requesting IDI.

3. Send Email

After completing the form, click the send mark and wait for a reply in your email inbox. The length of reply varies from four days to a week.

4. Wait for reply

At this point, you will receive a reply from BI. Here you will be notified whether your name is recorded in IDI Historis. If your name is not recorded, it means that you have never done credit or have ever done credit at financial institutions that are not included in BIK.

The mechanism

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If you are listed in the database, then the next thing you should do is print a reply from the BI. If you live in Jakarta then you can go directly to the Cream Bank Info Outlet at Building B. Our advice, wear polite and neat clothes, shoes, and shirts for men. This arrangement is opened on weekdays starting at 08:30 WIB until 15:00 WIB. So that you do not wait too long, it should be understood that the Info Outlet rest time is from 11.00 WIB until 13.00 WIB.

If you live outside Jakarta, you can go directly to the local or provincial Cream Bank office, at the Office of the Study, Survey and Statistics Group or the Office of the Bank Supervision Team. You need to bring replies that have been printed along with the original KTP. Retrieval can be authorized only to parents, children or spouses by attaching a Family Card and a stamped Power of Attorney.

Easy right?

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Well, if you have fulfilled all the requirements and documents that must be attached. Try to check it now. This will be very useful if you want to apply for loans to the bank.

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